Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide (Paperback)

Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide By Marilyn Walker, PhD Cover Image

Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide (Paperback)


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Deepen your understanding of the geometric forms and symbols all around you

When science and spirituality coalesce, secrets of the natural world are often revealed. This sacred geometry book serves as an A-to-Z resource, introducing readers to the concepts, people, number systems, and practices that illuminate how geometry connects science with the spiritual.

What sets Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide apart:
  • Sacred connections—discover the links sacred geometry has to philosophy, art, mathematics, religious practices, and beyond, from great historical thinkers, such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Enlightening illustrations—Many entries are paired with beautiful, detailed illustrations that underscore the meaning behind sacred geometry and help visualize the concepts.
  • Smartly organized—From Aristotle and ancient Egypt to vanishing perspective and the Zodiac, this alphabetized reference book makes it simple to find specific information.

Uncover mysteries and meaning with Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide.
Marilyn Walker, PhD, is an emeritus professor at Mount Allison University in Canada and the author of Shamanism: An A-Z Reference Guide. She is especially interested in how sacred geometry offers new models of reality as well as a reconsidered life’s purpose. Dr. Walker retired to her forest garden on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where she has a shamanic counseling practice and offers workshops on shamanism, drumming, energy medicine, and sacred geometry.
Product Details ISBN: 9781646111961
ISBN-10: 1646111966
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 174
Language: English
“Anthropologist Marilyn Walker takes us on a fascinating and enjoyable wander through the confluence of science, nature, and spirituality without getting us lost. The science is solid and illuminating but never overwhelming. A great primer on what we know—and don’t know—about the universe and our place in it.” —Terence McKeown, documentary filmmaker, producer of Planet Hunters, Playing God with Planet Earth, and Stonehenge Uncovered

“Marilyn’s comprehensive exploration of science and cultures in her book, Sacred Geometry, awakens our spiritual connection to the beauty and wonder of the world. She gives us the insight to enjoy and create sacred space. This book is enriched by Marilyn’s vast experience of living and traveling around the world.” —Silvana Castillo, M.Sc, Sacred Stewardship, Stone Age Farmer

“This beautifully crafted book by Dr. Marilyn Walker is richly illustrated and full of genuine wisdom, employing history on this deeply important subject. It’s artful, informative, and a delightful read.” —Samantha Parker, Founder of Integrated Healing and Wellness

“Music and DNA. Pythagoras and Aristotle. Rainbows and Sunflowers. And so much more! In Sacred Geometry, Dr. Marilyn Walker opens the world of mathematics and Sacred Geometry to everyone. Marilyn has a gift for making complex information and historical facts simple, easy to understand, and interesting. A friend who hated math in school said ‘The book is fantastic! Can I borrow it as soon as you’re done?’” —Teresa Waters, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Here is a book for every artist! As an oil painter, I became enthralled as I discovered the many applications of Sacred Geometry that have been used in historic paintings, architecture, design, and related fields. For anyone interested in how nature and art crossover, you will find this a fascinating read. This guide is simply inspiring! Dr. Walker shows a deep reverence for understanding the order of the universe.” —Kat Thompson, Artist