Innovating Like A Startup Executing Like A Corporation (Paperback)

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Startups are bold and want to disrupt the world, but are often struggling to execute. Large corporations excel at execution, but they need to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant. The power balance between corporations and startups is continuously changing as startups can adapt faster and better to changes driven by software, data, speed, and iterations. Corporations have a tremendous potential to execute and leverage their processes, customers, channels, and brands to create new business. As many companies are turning to the use of data to transform their business in the digital age, new opportunities are emerging for both startups and large corporations. This book explores how startups and large corporations can leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses by learning from each other and collaboratively building tomorrow's future. The book will benefit innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, managers, and executives who are trying to break through innovation barriers by avoiding common mistakes and getting answers about practical challenges.

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ISBN: 9781734181432
ISBN-10: 1734181435
Publisher: Your Book Angel
Publication Date: January 8th, 2020
Pages: 262
Language: English