The Booksellers

  Amy ~ General Manager & Bookseller

I've never met a genre I didn't like, but my favorites are Fiction, Fantasy, and Children's books, Tasha Tudor and Jan Brett will forever hold a place in my heart, and I can quote the Lorax on a whim. It's always harder to choose favorite "grown up" authors, but Barbara Kingsolver and Ray Bradbury are definitely in the top for the way they can both make fictional stories intertwine with real life.  Amy's Recommendations

 AnnettePartner, Head Buyer & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction; however, I too have loved memoirs/biographies recently.  Having been an avid reader from such a young age, I believe you can never own too many books.  A person should always have a tall stack of unread books laying around the house, on the night stand or on the coffee table so there is always something to look forward to, dream about, escape to... Annette's Recommendations

 Ben ~ Partner, Special Ops & Bookseller

I mostly bounce between Sci-fi/ FantasyHistory/Biography, and Historical Fiction.  It keeps my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. Favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, R. Scott Bakker, & Tolkien. Ben's Recommendations

  Cori ~ Assistant Buyer & Bookseller

I strive to read a little bit of everything, but of course I have some favorites.  I love most things cooking related, both cookbooks and cooking related fiction and non-fiction.  My go-to reading choices are often in one of the following categories:  historical fiction, mysteries, immersive/creative non-fiction and memoirs.  It is impossible to pick my all-time favorite books, but here are a few that have stuck with me and that I often recommend to others. Cori's Recommendations

  Dian ~ Bookseller

I tend to read quite a bit of non-fiction work. Most of the authors I read come from minoritized identities (e.g., Black, Indigenous, queer) and tend to be focused on issues of race and racism, and other contemporary social justice issues. I also enjoy a good memoir, or piece of fiction if the story is one that has not been told before. As a trained middle school English teacher, I read a lot of classic YA novels in my earlier years and have, more recently, been diving back into YA and fantasy to mix it up a bit as an escape.  Dian's Recommendations

  Julie ~ Bookseller

I am an absolute fan of the Classics and anything that involves the Culinary World.  I love to sit on my couch next to my plants and crack open a good cookbook.

I also love to dive deep into Mind/Body/Spirit to see what I can incorporate into my life to make it more peaceful and easy-going.  As a Political Science minor, I have been getting more and more into Social Justice and Politics books.  I find that it is best to have as much diverse knowledge of political and social justice topics to make informed political decisions.  My guilty pleasure books are Children's and Middle Reader books; I think it's the nostalgia.    Julie's Recommendations

 Lisa ~ Partner, Operations & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction for the classic reasons of journeys to far off lands that I have not visited and to times gone by.  But Memoirs and Biographies have taken a close second these past years through the realization that others lives can feel so far from my reality that they bridge to fiction in my eyes.  Lisa's Recommendations

  Leah ~ Bookseller

While awaiting the arrival of my Hogwarts letter I like to travel to other countries (50 so far), play with my cat, Darrow, and read books to escape the real world. From a young age, sci-fi and fantasy have been my go-to genres because they allow me to travel across worlds and seek refuge into the minds of other like-minded adventurers. And of course, space battles.

Since working at a bookstore my tastes have become much more varied and I'm always trying to read out of my comfort zone. Besides fantasy, I have a die-hard passion for Jane Austen and I can tell you which editions of the movies/miniseries to watch and which retellings to devour (or pass on). At any one time I am reading at least three books and listening to a audiobook to boot.  Leah's Recommendations

  Maddox ~ Bookselle

My favorite genres would have to be Poetry, ThrillersHorror, and the occasional Fantasy. I like to sit with my dogs, Boulder and Zoroaster, and read a fun and interesting story. When I'm not at the store, I'm usually with my dogs in the woods hiking or traveling. I usually travel to see family or just go on fun adventures to new and unique places with a good book. Maddox's Recommendations

  Sophia ~ Bookseller

I have always been a fan of Latin-American and Spanish authors, specially fiction and mystery novels. I must say that in literature I have found an incredible way to explore other cultures through their languages, an introspection into my deepest emotions and an answer to many of my rhetorical questions. 

As the years passed by, I have been able to enjoy many new treasures in genres like English poetry, children’s literature, current affairs, social justice and my very beloved (and recently discovered) ‘’Di lit’’ or disability literature.  

My favorite authors are the transcendental José Saramago, the gothic Carlos Ruiz Zafón, the disability exponents Christy Brown and Harriet McBryde Johnson, the delightful Richard Scarry,  the righteous feminists Virgine Depentes and Fred Vargas, my adored social justice advocate Émile Zola and the beholder of some of my darkest nightmares Stephen King.  Sophia's Recommendations

  Spencer ~ Shipping & Receiving Manager

For many years my favorite genre of books to read has been dystopian novels, fiction and science fiction-based stories of the remaining population of the planet surviving among the ruins of society. As I have gotten older and especially after I began working at a bookstore, biographies and autobiographies have begun to grab my attention. I mostly find interest in musicians from the era of the 60s and 70s the most interesting. Here are some of the books from the genres I have named that I have carried with me since my first reading of them.

  Tyler ~ Bookseller

I'm a complete fan of all of the classic novels, especially the British ones. All forms of prose and poetry from long-dead authors will always hold a special place in my heart, but I've also started to branch out to more recent writers. The Victorian era has a special place in my heart, and my all-time favorites include the Bronte sisters, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Virginia Woolf.  Tyler's Recommendations