The Booksellers

   Allison ~ Online Sales Manager

I moved to Flagstaff 11 years ago for the small town feel and to enjoy the forests and mountains. In my free time I like to travel with my family, especially camping and relaxing at the beach. Whenever I travel, I bring a stack of books with me and often I only read a few pages. Someday, I'll actually get to finish them all! My all time favorite genre of books is historical fiction. I love traveling back in time through books and trying to decide if I could survive in the past. Most likely I could not. Recently I have enjoyed YA fantasy, it’s fun to escape to worlds of fairies, witches or dragons.  Allison's Recommendations

  Amy ~ General Manager & Bookseller

If I had to choose a favorite genre, "feminist fiction" would be it. I also enjoy nature and science writing, fantasy, social justice, and biography. I moved to Flagstaff to join the Arizona Conservation Corps in 2017, and wasn't ready to leave the SW when my term ended. Thankfully I was taken in at Bright Side! I grew up reading, and like to say bookstores are in my blood; my grandfather started a store in Washington, that my uncle runs today. In my time off I snuggle with my pet bunny and travel. Chasing waterfalls and visiting other bookstores are my favorite things to go do.   Amy's Recommendations

 AnnettePartner, Head Buyer & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction; however, I too have loved memoirs/biographies recently.  Having been an avid reader from such a young age, I believe you can never own too many books.  A person should always have a tall stack of unread books laying around the house, on the night stand or on the coffee table so there is always something to look forward to, dream about, escape to... Annette's Recommendations

  Cori ~ Assistant Buyer & Bookseller

I strive to read a little bit of everything, but of course I have some favorites.  I love most things cooking related, both cookbooks and cooking related fiction and non-fiction.  My go-to reading choices are often in one of the following categories:  historical fiction, mysteries, immersive/creative non-fiction and memoirs.  It is impossible to pick my all-time favorite books, but here are a few that have stuck with me and that I often recommend to others. Cori's Recommendations

  Leah ~ Bookseller

While awaiting the arrival of my Hogwarts letter I like to travel to other countries (50 so far), play with my cat, Darrow, and read books to escape the real world. From a young age, sci-fi and fantasy have been my go-to genres because they allow me to travel across worlds and seek refuge into the minds of other like-minded adventurers. And of course, space battles.

Since working at a bookstore my tastes have become much more varied and I'm always trying to read out of my comfort zone. Besides fantasy, I have a die-hard passion for Jane Austen and I can tell you which editions of the movies/miniseries to watch and which retellings to devour (or pass on). At any one time I am reading at least three books and listening to a audiobook to boot.  Leah's Recommendations

  Lis ~ Bookseller

I've loved reading for as long as I can remember and have always gravitated towards realistic fiction. I started river guiding in 2009 and so the majority of what I've been reading for the past 12 years has been non fiction about the Colorado Plateau--natural history, geology, and old white guys adventuring. Interesting stuff, but not exactly groundbreaking. I'm excited that working at Brightside has opened my eyes to new genres and authors and I get to explore the pioneering new works the book world has to offer.  Lis's Recommendations

 Lisa ~ Partner, Operations & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction for the classic reasons of journeys to far off lands that I have not visited and to times gone by.  But Memoirs and Biographies have taken a close second these past years through the realization that others lives can feel so far from my reality that they bridge to fiction in my eyes.  Lisa's Recommendations

   Maddox ~ Bookseller

My favorite genres would have to be Poetry, ThrillersHorror, and the occasional Fantasy. I like to sit with my dogs, Boulder and Zoroaster, and read a fun and interesting story. When I'm not at the store, I'm usually with my dogs in the woods hiking or traveling. I usually travel to see family or just go on fun adventures to new and unique places with a good book. Maddox's Recommendations

   Monica ~ Bookseller

My favorite time to read a book is very early in the morning before anyone seems to be awake (obviously coffee is my only friend at this time). I try to read a little bit of everything. I often gravitate towards fantasy, history, fiction (mainly science fiction), and non-fiction. My big brother had me read The Hobbit when I was in the 6th grade and that changed my life. I discovered worlds beyond anything I could imagine and was hooked. When I am not reading, I'm either working my way towards trying to save the world (Sustainability major at NAU), knitting/crocheting, romping through the woods with my pup, Luna, climbing rocks, or traveling to other places where I can find more rocks to climb. Monica's Recomendations

 Rachel ~ Bookseller

My favorite books are nonfiction books for kids and teens. I can’t get enough of graphic novel memoirs, lift-the-flap science facts, and true history stories written as thrillers. I’m happiest when I’m a part of connecting a kid to the book that’s right for them. In addition to doing this at Bright Side Bookshop, I also help match kids to books at the Flagstaff Family Food Center’s Children’s Reading Room. On holidays my friends and I hang candy in the trees near Moutainaire and call it the Candy Forest. We also set out dog biscuits so be sure to visit with your pup! The highlight of my year is combining the Candy Forest with children’s literacy. Our closest Free Little Library has an ice cream social in July. We call it Summer Reading with Sticky Fingers and you are invited! 

  Sam ~ Bookseller

During the day (when I'm not working) I'm most likely to be found hanging out with my dogs, getting crafty and making things, or spending time with family and friends. At night I am a shadowhunter, a detective, a witch, a powerful fae, a valkyrie, a super hero, or whatever I feel like reading that night. I will read a book any way I can get it, audiobook, ebook, or physical book, as long as it's exciting and/or romantic. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that Romance and Fantasy are my favorite genres! Sam's Recommendations

  Sarah B.~ Bookseller

I moved to Flagstaff in 2008 with my husband and 3 kids. I love the outdoor activities Flagstaff offers, especially hiking, biking, and skiing. When I'm not outdoors being active, I spend my time playing ukulele or reading. Literary Fiction is my favorite genre, but I'll read anything, and really enjoy biographies, historical fiction, nonficiton, science fiction and fantasy. I'm particularly attracted to stories about families, and the relationships between siblings and between children and their parents.

  Sarah J.~ Events and Marketing Coordinator

My favorite genres to read (and write) are historical fiction, autofiction, and memoir. I especially love stories with elements of magical realism and surrealism. I moved to Flagstaff from Maryland to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at NAU. While here, I fell in love with the literary community at NAU and in Flagstaff. I believe in the values of literary citizenship: to nurture writers and readership; to make reading accessible; to create spaces where words can be shared. 

  Spencer ~ Shipping & Receiving Manager

For many years my favorite genre of books to read has been dystopian novels, fiction and science fiction-based stories of the remaining population of the planet surviving among the ruins of society. As I have gotten older and especially after I began working at a bookstore, biographies and autobiographies have begun to grab my attention. I mostly find interest in musicians from the era of the 60s and 70s the most interesting. Here are some of the books from the genres I have named that I have carried with me since my first reading of them. Spencer's Recommendations