The Booksellers

   Allison ~ Online Sales Manager

I moved to Flagstaff 11 years ago for the small town feel and to enjoy the forests and mountains. In my free time I like to travel with my family, especially camping and relaxing at the beach. Whenever I travel, I bring a stack of books with me and often I only read a few pages. Someday, I'll actually get to finish them all! My all time favorite genre of books is historical fiction. I love traveling back in time through books and trying to decide if I could survive in the past. Most likely I could not. Recently I have enjoyed YA fantasy, it’s fun to escape to worlds of fairies, witches or dragons.  Allison's Recommendations

  Amy ~ General Manager & Bookseller

If I had to choose a favorite genre, "feminist fiction" would be it. I also enjoy nature and science writing, fantasy, social justice, and biography. I moved to Flagstaff to join the Arizona Conservation Corps in 2017, and wasn't ready to leave the SW when my term ended. Thankfully I was taken in at Bright Side! I grew up reading, and like to say bookstores are in my blood; my grandfather started a store in Washington, that my uncle runs today. In my time off I snuggle with my pet bunny and travel. Chasing waterfalls and visiting other bookstores are my favorite things to go do.   Amy's Recommendations

 AnnettePartner, Head Buyer & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction; however, I too have loved memoirs/biographies recently.  Having been an avid reader from such a young age, I believe you can never own too many books.  A person should always have a tall stack of unread books laying around the house, on the night stand or on the coffee table so there is always something to look forward to, dream about, escape to... Annette's Recommendations