The Booksellers

 Allison B. ~ Bookseller

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I finally decided to get away from the heat and moved to Flagstaff at the very beginning of January 2023. Aside from working at Bright Side, I love watching and reviewing movies. I enjoy every genre from every decade, but especially love 80s’ slashers. I love collecting movies, action figures, all things spooky/Halloween, and hanging out with my chunky cat, Linguine. I mostly seek out horror books, but have ventured out into other genres like biography, fiction, and some true crimeAllison's Recommendations

 Allison O. ~ Online Sales Manager

I moved to Flagstaff 11 years ago for the small town feel and to enjoy the forests and mountains. In my free time I like to travel with my family, especially camping and relaxing at the beach. Whenever I travel, I bring a stack of books with me and often I only read a few pages. Someday, I'll actually get to finish them all! My all time favorite genre of books is historical fiction. I love traveling back in time through books and trying to decide if I could survive in the past. Most likely I could not. Recently I have enjoyed YA fantasy, it’s fun to escape to worlds of fairies, witches or dragons. Allison's Recommendations

 Annette ~ Partner, Head Buyer & Bookseller

My favorite genre is fiction; however, I too have loved memoirs/biographies recently.  Having been an avid reader from such a young age, I believe you can never own too many books.  A person should always have a tall stack of unread books laying around the house, on the night stand or on the coffee table so there is always something to look forward to, dream about, escape to... Annette's Recommendations