Ayiti by Roxane Gay

Bookseller and writer Margarita recommends Roxane Gay's Ayiti.

"A re-release of Gay's debut short story collection, Ayiti is a poignant perspective on the Haitian diaspora in modern day. What is it like to be an outsider to your home? In a place you call home? 

These short stories are filled with characters I never wanted to leave. I wanted to laugh and cry with them, stick up for them, and be angry with them. Gay's writing has always been honest, and this debut of short stories is strikingly brave. For readers who are uncomfortable with speaking so openly and honestly (uncensored) with sensitive issues, it may be a hard read but I promise that these are subjects that need to be talked about."


From the back cover:


Roxane Gay is an award winning literary voice praised for her fearless and vivid prose, and her debut collection Ayiti exemplifies the raw talent that made her "one of the voices of our age" (National Post, Canada). Clever and haunting by turns, Ayiti explores the Haitian diaspora experience. A married couple seeking boat passage to America prepares to leave their homeland. A mother takes a foreign soldier into her home as a boarder, and into her bed. And a woman conceives a daughter on the bank of a river while fleeing a horrific massacre, a daughter who later moves to America for a new life but is perpetually haunted by the mysterious scent of blood. Wise, fanciful, and daring, Ayiti is the book that put Roxane Gay on the map and now, with two previously uncollected stories, confirms her singular vision. 

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