Cookbooks for Every Season

Cookbooks for Every Season: Fall

by Amy

I think of Autumn as the cozy season: time to break out the sweaters and crockpots! When the days can still be warm but nights and mornings have that crip chill that makes everyone want to curl up with a bowl of stew and a good book. But sometimes school nights and shorter days mean that no one at home has the energy to put together a full meal. Grab your favorite fuzzy blanket and a mug of something pumpkin, because here is a list of every cookbook you could need this fall; from make-ahead meals, to your next family feast.


  • Soup The Ultimate Book of Soups and Stews, by Derek Bissonnette

An entire book dedicated to bowls of pure comfort. Refresh your old chicken noodle soup recipe or learn to make something entirely different. Either way, the whole family will be pleased. Bonus point: Soups freeze really well, and are always ready for the next time you’re to busy, or feeling sick. 

  • Artisan Sourdough, by Casper Lugg & Martin Fjeld

Baking bread seems to intimidate a lot of people. But it is a really simple (and impressive) thing to make. Break out of the mold and try a recipe from this amazing book. You can learn how to cultivate your own sourdough starter (a great science experiment for kids), or just buy some from the store.  

  • Bacon Beans and Beer, by Eliza Cross

This book won 2018’s Best in the West Award for a reason: High Southwest flavor, with low maintenance cooking. Take these fall staples to a whole new level while your fitting in that last warm-weather camping trip, or just craving a pot of baked bean goodness.  

  • Together Our Community Cookbook, by Hubb Community Kitchen

A lovely book to help you plan your Thanksgiving feast, or to give as a gift to whoever is gracious enough to host. This book looks as beautiful as the recipes taste. 

  • Scraps, Peels, and Stems by Jill Lightner

If you’re worried about your environmental impact, and also trying to save a little extra $$ this season, here is the book for you. A way to eliminate food waste by using up every last scrap. So that you can grocery shop, and take out the trash, less (yay!) 

  • The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook, by Coco Morante

If you’re lucky enough to own an instant pot, then you already know how quick and easy making a one pot meal has become. If, like me, your still holding on to your grandmas crockpot the recipes work the same way you just start them in the morning and hit that “8-hour” button to come home to something warm in your kitchen.